Keynote speakers abstracts are available here.

A detailed program can be found here. A pdf format is available here .

Please, find below the overall program of the conference.

Monday, the 2nd of june 2014

08h45 Registration and coffee
09h30 Opening
10h00 Le Cam conference: Vladimir Koltchinskii
11h10 Mathematical statistics 1 High-dimensional data 1 Biostatistics 1 Spatial statistics Statistics for stochastic processes 1 Semi and nonparametric models 1
12h50 Lunch
14h30 Susan Holmes Mark Van Der Laan
15h35 Mixture models 1 Biostatistics 2 Statistics education 2 Statistical learning 1 Time Series Tests
16h55 Coffee
17h15 Reliability Statistics education: experiences Living science
16h55 Reception at Rennes City Hall

Tuesday, the 3rd of june 2014

08h45 Persi Diaconis
09h50 Judith Rousseau Rik Lopuhaa
10h50 Coffee
11h10 Bayesian statistics 1 Data mining Semi and nonparametric models 2 Medicine, epidemiology Environmental statistics Case studies
13h10 Lunch
14h30 Richard Samworth
15h30 Coffee
15h50 Quality control Time Series 2 Survival analysis 1 Extreme values modelling 1 Statistics education 1 Software
17h35 SFdS Assembly

Wednesay, the 4th of june 2014

08h30 Clémentine Prieur Laurens De Haan
09h35 Prix Marie-Jeanne Laurent-Duhamel: Aurélie Fisher et Christophe Ley
10h35 Coffee
10h50 Computer experiment Statistical learning, random forest Mathematical statistics 2 Extreme values modelling 2 Statistics education : MOOC

Thursday, the 5th of june 2014

08h45 Adrian Raftery
09h50 Ciprian Crainiceanu Jean-Philippe Vert
10h50 Coffee
11h10 Bayesian statistics 2 High-dimensional data 2 Wavelets Biostatistics 3 Survival analysis 2 Econometrics
12h50 Lunch
14h30 Christophe Andrieu Francis Bach
15h35 AMIES1 New challenges for new data 1 Statistical learning 2 Statistics education, IUT STID Graphical models and simulation
16h55 Coffee
17h15 AMIES2 New challenges for new data 2 To the memory of Laurent Cavalier Student social networks
19h00 Young statisticians meeting

Friday, the 6th of june 2014

08h45 Susanne Ditlevsen Yves Tille
09h45 Coffee
10h00 Survey sampling methods Mathematical statistics 3 Biostatistics 4 Mixture models 2 Statistical learning 3 Case studies
11h40 Closing
12h00 Lunch

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